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Looking back at Spring 2017


The beginning of the year got us together for the printing of the Ricky Armendariz's Bolts. These were 40 large scale textile relief prints that he contracted us print for him with our A3 Pop-Up Industrial Press at Lone Star Studios. After which the textile prints were transported to the Do-Seum to finish drying out and for installation by Ricky for his Do-Suem Artist-In-Residency 2017 project proposal.

For more information on the A3-Pop-Up Industrial Press visit us at:



The Open the Door Pilot Program that we coordinated and created art lessons for the Texan French Alliance for the Arts based out of Houston has found a temporary location where everyone can appreciate the work and healing power of these doors. The doors are now located at the 'Commander's House belonging to Col. Travis from San Antonio. After we installed them we went back for a pre 4th of July Celebration on July 3rd. For video on the Open the Doors Pilot Program visit:



In May I worked on designs for a Rail Road Bridge Public Art project. I got all the possibilities sketched out and worked out all the numbers finalizing it with a presentation before a selection committee. Unfortunately I was not selected but it sure was a great exercise and I am sure that it won't be the last time I present one of these. This year my work was written about and included in the very first anthology of Chicano Futurism "Altermundos". It was presented at the 2017 San Antonio Book Festival. The book was co-authored by Cathryn Merla-Watson Phd. and Ben Olguin and there was a panel presentation which include a group mentioned in the book. Others from San Antonio that are in the anthology—author John Philip Santos, play write Greg Barrios, artist Deborah Kuetzpal Vasquez.

To order a copy of "Altermundos" visit:



For 6 days in July we hosted the Spanish muralist group SurVibe that Luminaria brought in to paint a few murals around town. They Stayed at our Air BnB for a week while they painted murals around town. We joined them on a rest break at Dorćol and for their first introduction to Tex-Mex food at Mi Tierra Cafe.

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