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Volando Como Cuauhtémoc

Volando Como Cuauhtémoc 2005

relief print—hand colored 2017

acrylic, chocolate powder, graphite

60” x 108”


This hand-colored relief print was printed at a the very first large scale printing event held in San Antonio, Texas. The printing event was organized in 2005 by the now defunct Stone Metal Press at the Blue Star. In 2005 the news headlines of immigration injustices inspired me to create this image. Ten years later after the image was printed, today's headlines of the ending of DACA and the impending deportation of 500K Dreamers resonate even louder.

Cuauhtémoc was the last Aztec Emperor who valiantly fought behind a wall to keep the Spanish invaders out. The image is a socio-political commentary on the militarization of the US/Mexico border in order to prevent illegal immigration. The dominating outstretched arm of a warrior wearing a double-headed mask near the side of a tall wall, one face-the eagle, looks up at the wall while the other face-the skull, looks down and away. Behind him follow a multitude of skulls and his brown skin is pockmarked with tiny skulls as well-an allusion to Nanahuatzin the last sun(the pimply one). The image of a US flag transformed with skulls in place of stars—The United States of La Muerte—waves behind the wall that has been built to keep unwanted people out. For more information shoot me an email.

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